Taco' Bout Fun! - Festive Back-to-School Bulletin Board

Multicultural Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: musicbulletinboards.net

Seriously, how fun is this back-to-school bulletin board from Tracy over at Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom?! We love the festive colors, simply adore the unique theme, and have a feeling you'll appreciate the fact that it's not super difficult to put together. Not to mention, this is one of those designs that your students, fellow teachers, and visiting parents will certainly 'taco' bout!

'Taco' Bout Fun!

  • Background: Colorful striped wrapping paper or red bulletin board paper.
  • Title: 'Taco' Bout Fun!
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmers or multi-colored bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Start with the tacos! Tracy made hers using simple word processing software. She started with a large circle, used fun fonts to type the various topics and activities she and her music students would be exploring during the year, then printed the circles onto yellow paper, cut them out, and laminated them for durability. Folded in half, stuffed with shredded construction paper (brown "taco meat", green "lettuce", and red "tomatoes"), and attached to colorful plastic plates, arrange the finished tacos around the board and add accents to the plates - taco sauce packets, plastic silverware, etc!