Stuffed' With Fun! - Fall Bulletin Board Idea

Fall Bulletin Board Idea Whether you're looking for a transitional idea (to fill the space between Halloween and Thanksgiving) or something to keep up through the end of the November, this adorable scarecrow bulletin board idea would make a great addition to your fall decorating plans! Providing your kiddos with vibrant printed papers with which to create their scarecrows and pairing the crafts with a fun printed border (or two for a layered look!) - this display is sure to be super fun and eye-catching!

'Stuffed' With Fun!

  • Background: Aqua bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "____________ [Kindergarten, Room 203, Mrs. Nelson's Class, etc] is 'Stuffed' With Fun!"
  • Border: Complimentary colored/patterned border.
  • Decoration: Have your kiddos turn themselves into a scarecrow! Inspired by a scarecrow coloring page we found online, we simply created our own template, but we're certain you could find a template online as well if you didn't want to make one. We cut the various pieces from construction paper and patterned scrapbook paper, then assembled (using our photos) and added embellishments - i.e. paper shred "straw" to the arms and legs, a flower for a girl hat, etc. While these scarecrow crafts will take up a good amount of space on the bulletin board, if you have extra blank space, simply add fall accents - pumpkins, bundles of wheat, and/or stalks of corn, etc.