Nothing Says "Welcome" Like Crayola! Colorful Classroom Door Decoration

Back to School Crayon Welcome Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: | Leigh Tinney

Looking for a fun way to say "welcome back!" in the early childhood classroom? Use this Crayola® themed door decoration designed and created by Mrs. Tinney and Mrs. Armentrout! Nothing says "back-to-school" like a new box of crayons!

Crayola Crayon Door Decoration or Bulletin Board

  • Background: Tinney and Armentrout decided not to paper the door, but you could cover the door or bulletin board with black bulletin board paper for brilliant contrast or any bright shade of bulletin board background paper to go along with the Crayola theme.
  • Title: "Get Ready For A COLORFUL Year!"
  • Border: Tinney and Armentrout decided not to add a border to the door decoration, but if you're creating a bulletin board you could add a brightly patterned trimmer, a crayon themed bulletin border, or even line the board with individual crayon shapes in assorted colors (smaller than the name crayons).
  • Decoration: 1) The Crayon Box. Find a large gift box (ones designed to hold bulky winter coats) or create a custom "box" by taping individual pieces of cardboard together. Use yellow, green, and light green bulletin board paper to cover the box with the traditional Crayola® design. Tinney and Armentrout decided not to include the crayon "window" because they wanted it to appear as if the box were tipped on its side and all the crayons had fallen out. Green bulletin board paper and traceable letters work great for the Crayola label at the top or you could use green tempera paint to script the letters by hand. Red and white construction paper work great for the rest of the box labels. Once again, you could also choose to use white paint on red paper to create customer lettering. 2) The Name Crayons. Create a crayon template from card stock. Trace the shape onto assorted colors of card stock or construction paper using a black permanent marker or paint to create the detailing. You might also be able to find a black and white clip-art print online or through your word processing software that could then be printed onto colored card stock then cut out. Use a black permanent marker to write the names of your new students on individual crayons. Make sure to create one for yourself as well!

One of the fun things about returning to school is the promise of new art supplies. Carry that excitement into the classroom with this imaginative Crayola® themed welcome board!

Have you used popular children's themes for your back-to-school decorations? We'd love to hear your ideas so leave us a comment!

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