Advertising Classroom Events & Volunteer Openings Fall Leaves Bulletin Board Idea

Classroom Management Fall Themed Bulletin Board
Photo Source: | Alta McDaniel

Sometimes the simplest bulletin boards are the best! Alta McDaniel, creator of the bulletin board design and contributor to, used a rich fall theme to inform church attendees of the important facts: what, where, and when! You can do the same for parents, fellow staff members, and students in your classroom!

Fall Informational Bulletin Board

  • Background: Green bulletin board paper (or another fall color).
  • Title: "Don't LEAVE Things to Chance - Get Involved This Fall!"
  • Border: Fall leaf or other fall-themed bulletin board trimmer.
  • Decorations: Create several large leaf patters from card stock. Trace these shapes onto construction paper in fall colors (e.g. red, orange, yellow, brown, green), cut them out, and use a black Sharpie marker to write upcoming events, dates, and times on each leaf. Important dates might include: parent-teacher conferences, PTA meetings, field trips, classroom parties, standardized testing dates, classroom plays/open house, etc.

How do you keep your students and parents up-to-date? Leave us a comment! We'd certainly love to hear about it!

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