Turkeys In Disguise Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Idea

Thanksgiving Turkey Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: lilteacher.com | Renée Glashow

In my search for Thanksgiving bulletin boards and displays, I ran across this adorable board at Miss Renée’s Kindergarten Pad! If you're looking for an fun, interactive alternative to your holiday decorations this November, consider this dynamic "Turkeys in Disguise" design from Renée Glashow! Charged with the mission of helping their turkey escape their prominent place at as Thanksgiving dinner, your students will love the opportunity for creative problem solving, using their imagination, and working with family members to create the best disguise!

Turkey Crafts

Provide each student with a turkey template to take home (like the one found ) and have family members help them make a costume for it! A doctor. A ballerina. A baseball player. The possibilities are endless!

Turkeys in Disguise Bulletin Board

  • Background: Brown or blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Turkeys In Disguise", "Turkey? What Turkey?", "Where's The Turkey?", or "You Won't Find ANY Turkeys Here!"
  • Border: Glashow layered two solid wavy bulletin board trimmers in orange and yellow. You might also consider a harvest-themed or Thanksgiving-themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Turkeys. Use your students disguised turkey art projects! Be sure to add a label describing what the turkey is dressed up as and the student who designed the costume. 2) Glashow placed a large turkey cutout in the center of the board on which she wrote an explanatory message >> "Kindergarten students and parents worked together to disguise turkeys so they won't be eaten for Thanksgiving!".

On the date the turkey crafts are due, consider having each student present their turkey to the class (a kind of turkey "show and tell"), explaining why they chose the disguise, who helped them, what materials they used, etc. After placing the turkeys on the board, have students take a silent vote for the turkey who would most likely evade the cook (remind them that they cannot vote for their own!).

We find this bulletin board idea adorable, but we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Turkeys In Disguise Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Idea


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