Student Created Back To School Display

Back To School Bulletin Board Idea Planning some fun get-to-know-you activities for the first week of school? Capitalize on your kiddos cute creations and create a vibrant classroom display that will add some color to the walls while also making it feel a bit more 'homey' for your new students!

There are so many things you can display...

  • 'All About Me' worksheets. There are oodles of adorable 'All About Me' activities floating around Pinterest, TpT, etc. Not only is this an easy way to break the ice (your new kiddos will be thrilled that they know all of the answers on the first 'assignment'!), it's also a fun way for you to get to know your students as well as provide a way for your students to get to know their classmates!
  • Self-portraits. Whether you have your kiddos draw a portrait or opt for a mixed media approach, it could be fun to add the portraits to the board - with names hidden under colorful flaps - and have students try to guess which classmate the portrait belongs to!
  • Name posters. Check out this great post from Lessons with Laughter!
  • Back-to-school craftivities. Lots of fun activities fit in this category. Check out this fun backpack writing craftivity from Teacher Idea Factory and this 'Inside My Head' brain map from Milk and Cookies for some inspiration!

Happy creating!