Springtime Froggy Fun - 3 Activities All About Frogs!

Springtime Froggy Fun Activities
Photo Source: The Adventures of Miss Elisabeth

Springtime provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss and learn all about life cycles, plants, animals, bugs...you name it, when Springtime rolls around everything starts to come back to life. It is a beautiful site! If you're looking for ideas to teach your kiddos about frogs this Spring, you have to check out these ideas featured by Elisabeth over at The Adventures of Miss Elisabeth!

Before beginning your journey into the world of frogs, you might like to read your class a book as an introduction to the topic! Elisabeth read the following book with her class:

Book Cover, All About Frogs
Photo Source: The Adventures of Miss Elisabeth

Frog Craft

To decorate your classroom board or wall, take some time with your class to craft the adorable frogs shown in the display above. You'll only need a few items:

  • White, Black, Pink and Dark and Light Green construction paper
  • Black markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencils

Provide each of your kiddos with the following templates, pretraced onto the correct color construction paper: dark green circle (frog head), light green legs (2 larger, 2 smaller), light green eyes (2), black and white circles for eyes (2 of each) and a pink retangle for the tongue. If free-handing is not your thing, you should be able to find clip-art to use for tracing online!

Have each of your students cut out their pieces and begin assembling with glue to create the super cute frog! You may want to provide them with an example so they know which piece goes where. And for the tongue, have your students glue a small section in place. Then, use a pencil to wrap the other end around it to create the life-like curled tongue effect!

Can / Have / Are Chart

Get together as a class to come up with a list of everything they have learned about frogs! Elisabeth used the "Can / Have / Are" layout and it seems to have worked perfectly! Added bonus - you can use your example from the frog craft to add a little pizazz to the chart.

Can, Have, Are Chart All About Frogs
Photo Source: The Adventures of Miss Elisabeth

Life Cycle Flip Books

As a final learning element, Elisabeth's class created simple life cycle flip books with templates she found in a Mail box book. You could also easily find templates with just a bit of searching online. On the cover are pictures the kids were able to color of each stage and on the inside was an exaplanation to go along with each picture. A slit was cut between each stage to allow the kids to open one stage at a time. Super cute and super informative!

Life Cycle Flip Books, Frogs
Photo Source: The Adventures of Miss Elisabeth

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