Spring Showers Bring Pretty Flowers! - Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Bulletin Board Idea

A slight twist on the traditional "April showers bring May flowers", this bulletin board designed by the preschool teachers at McKinley Early Childhood Center features a beautiful paper chain rainbow and colorful student-made handprint flowers!

Spring Showers Bring Pretty Flowers!

  • Background: Cover the board with light blue bulletin board paper. Cut a strip of green bulletin board paper to attach along the bottom of the board to create 'grass'.
  • Title: "Spring Showers Bring Pretty Flowers!"
  • Border: Flower or spring themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Rainbow. Cut 2" wide strips of construction paper (in rainbow colors!) and create a simple paper chain of each color. [NOTE: The earlier colors - red, yellow, etc. - will have more links than the later colors.] Arrange the chains in rainbow order and staple to the bulletin board. Here's a close-up of the rainbow... Paper Chain Rainbow 2) The Flowers. Have your kiddos help you create handprint flowers! Start by painting a yellow circle on their plam, then fill in the surrounding area with the color of their choice. Invite students to press their painted hand (firmly, but evenly) on a piece of white art paper in order to create a print. A simple stem and leaves can then be added to the handprint blossom; either provide your kiddos with a paint brush or have them use their hands. Handprint Flower Craft 3) The Raindrops. As a finishing touch, add raindrops shapes cut from blue construction paper.

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