"Sew" Much Fun! - Creative Sewing Themed Back-to-School Bulletin Board Idea

Back to School Welcome Bulletin Board
Photo Source: http://seesuestitch.typepad.com

We have fallen in love with this welcome board created by Sue May - teacher, Etsy crafter, and creator of the site One Stitch Two Stitch. It's totally original, the colors are fantastic, and the theme is just 'sew' creative {how many knew that was coming?! :)}! Yes, the school year has yet to finish, but your inspiration folder is the perfect place to store this little gem till next year!

"Sew" Much Fun Welcome Board

  • Background: Sue May used fabric as the base for her board, but you could also use background paper in sunset gold or orange.
  • Title: "A New Year of Sew Much Fun!"
  • Border: Quilted stars border or brightly patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Needle & Thread. Freehand the needle shape onto a piece of gray construction paper. To create depth, add a small curved piece of white construction paper to the 'inside' of the needle loop (you may need to reference Sue May's cutout for this step). Cut a thin wavy strip from blue construction paper, 'threading' it through the loop of the needle to look like thread. To make it appear as if the needle has pierced the background, cut a small section from the cutout, mounting the separated needle to the board as if the section were still intact. The missing section will appear to be behind the paper. 2) The Buttons. Cut medium-size circles from assorted colors of construction paper. Additionally, cut quarter-sized circles from black construction paper. Arrange and glue the small black circles onto the larger circles or 'buttons' {in the middle, of course} - on some, glue two black circles side by side, and on others, glue four circles in a 'square' shape. Next, using the same color as before, create the illusion that the buttons have been sewn on by cutting thin strips of 'thread' from blue construction paper and arranging them atop the black 'button holes'. Rounding the edges and cutting slightly curved pieces will make it appear more authentic. Last, use a permanent marker to script student names on the buttons and mount them to the bulletin board.

Supplies for this bulletin board...

We're certain that this fantastic bulletin board design would be perfect for any early childhood classroom, but we'd love to hear your thoughts too! Leave us a comment below or look us up on Facebook!