Seeds of Love! - Flower Themed Spring Bulletin Board

Seeds of Love Spring Flower Bulletin Board Idea

Spring is all about growth and renewal, and this bulletin board created by Ms. Robin of Loving Hands Preschool, offers a great way to pair that theme with a fun message and eye-catching design! Not only do the seeds offer the perfect theme for spring, they also draw a great parallel between teaching and gardening - students are like little seeds that must be nurtured in order to grow!

Seeds of Love!

  • Background: Green bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Seeds of Love!"
  • Border: Spring bulletin board border or complimentary patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Flower. The original design features Carson Dellosa's big sunflower bulletin board set. However, you could easily make your own flower (in whatever color you choose!) out of bulletin board paper and construction paper! 2) The Seeds. Create a simple seed template from card stock using it to trace and cut a seed for each student from black construction paper. Finish off the seed shapes by using a silver Sharpie marker or white paint pen to print student names onto them, then arrange them around the display.