Scorin' BIG! - Sports Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Fall Sports Bulletin Board Idea
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It's football season, so if you're a sports nut, why not bring a bit of the fun into your classroom?! We found this idea at Bulletin Board Ideas and loved the hand-made quality of it, as well as the ability to display a bit of school spirit! While the original design was only for decoration, you might consider adding a copy of your varsity football team schedule - creating a place to record final game results {this could be a fun thing for students to help with during morning meeting on Mondays}, then using the data to have your kiddos help you calculate various statistics - W/L percentage, point difference, etc. You can get younger learners in on the fun too by having them finding the difference between points scored from game to game, etc.

Scorin' Big Bulletin Board Idea

  • Background: Cover the bulletin board with white background paper, adding a piece of fringed green bulletin board paper to the bottom quarter of the board, creating grass, and using brown paint to create the football "field" {painting from the top of the grass to the middle of the bulletin board}. You might also consider simply covering the top half of the board with white background paper and the bottom with green, using strips of white bulletin board paper or white poster paint to "draw" yard lines on the field.
  • Title: "Scorin' Big!", "Are You Ready For Some Football?!", or another sports themed title {perhaps including the name of your school football team}, etc.
  • Border: The original bulletin board featured crafts created by the students - sports themed balls and 'buckets' of popcorn that can be purchased at sporting events. The homemade border looks super cute, but you could also use a simple sports themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Football Player. Freehand a sports player cutout or find a clip art image online to enlarge and trace onto a piece of white background paper using your classroom projector system. This offers a great opportunity to tweak the image to include team jersey colors, logos, etc. 2) The Goalpost. Use black or yellow bulletin board paper to create a goalpost {looks like a squared off "Y"}. 3) The Details. Add footballs and other sports cutouts - megaphones, pom poms, etc. in the free space.