Sailing Into Summer Bulletin Board Display

Preschool Summer Bulletin Board Idea
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This colorful summer board was created by Wren, preschool teacher and featured contributor over at DLTK-Teach. We love it, not only because it calls for your kiddos to help in the decorating process {which is a time saver!}, but because it also offers a great opportunity for reviewing basic shapes with your little ones!

Sailboat Craft

Here's are the simple shapes you'll need to create the sailboats. Cut them from construction paper in assorted colors and have your kiddos mix and match them to create colorful boats!

  • Hull = large circle, folded in half and glued
  • Mast = tall rectangle
  • Sails = medium-sized triangles
  • Windows = small circles
  • Flag = small triangle
[NOTE: You could also create the sailboats using the tutorial from one of our previous features - "Sailing Back to School!"]

Sailing Into Summer Bulletin Board

  • Background: Use light blue background paper on the top two-thirds of the board and cover the bottom with royal blue bulletin board paper, using scissors to create a wavy edge along the top.
  • Title: "Sailing Into Summer!"
  • Border: Complimentary blue trimmer.
  • Decoration: Use your students' boat crafts, adding seagulls, clouds, etc. to complete the scene.

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