Ready To Tackle The School Year! - Sports Themed Bulletin Board

Sports Themed Back To School and Fall Bulletin Board Idea In a similar vein to yesterday's post, if you're looking for a fun sports themed bulletin board for back-to-school or to ring in the new fall football season, check out this fun bulletin board design and writing prompt!

All-Star Kids

To ensure that your kiddos are ready to 'tackle the school year', discuss the traits of an 'all-star' student and what these might look like in practice. For example, an all-star student is organized, keeping their desk, backpack, locker, and other work spaces clean and neat so that homework, workbooks, and other supplies can be found quickly when needed during class.

After your discussion, invite students to select a trait or two to write about, penning their final thoughts on the provided prompt page (see example below). Mounted onto colorful paper, these make great accents for the bulletin board!

Sports Themed Writing Prompt and Bulletin Board Idea

Ready To Tackle The School Year!

  • Background: Team sports bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Ready To Tackle The School Year!"
  • Border: Football themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: Arrange your students' writing prompts on the bulletin board adding mini football cutouts with their names. If you have blank space, add other football themed accents like helmets, a megaphone, etc.

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