Reaching New Heights with Fractions - Math Bulletin Board & Craft

Math Fractions Classroom Bulletin Board
Photo Source: | Betsy McKnight

Generally, children are introduced to fractions when they reach second grade and continue building upon the basics throughout elementary school. Of the concepts they are exposed to during their elementary mathematics careers, this can be one of the most elusive, confusing, and challenging topics! Here is a great activity posted by Betsy McKnight at Izzyshare that will visually demonstrate the concept and provide a colorful spring-themed bulletin board for your classroom!

Fraction Kite Activity

Provide your students with a sheet of blue construction paper, assorted colored crafting papers, and Crayola markers. Instruct them to create kite shapes from the colorful papers, then cut them apart, creating and labeling equivalent fractions (e.g. if a student cuts their kite into three strips, each piece equals one-third and should be designated with "1/3"). Have your students create three or four kites, using school glue to adhere them to the blue background and markers to create 'tails'. If you're feeling really adventurous, get out the yarn and have your student make three-dimensional kite tails. Finally, cut clouds from white construction paper and finish out the sky scene!

Fraction Kite Bulletin Board

  • Background: White bulletin board paper or blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "High-Flying Fractions" or "Reaching New Heights with Fractions"
  • Border: Add a cloud-themed bulletin board trimmer on the sides and top, and a grass big border at the bottom.

Comments? Questions? Improvements? We'd love to hear what you think about this idea and other suggestions you might have for bringing fraction fun into the classroom!

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