Rain or Shine, We Grow Together! - Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Bulletin Board Idea

There's just something about the contrasting elements of this board that's sure to make it a fast spring favorite! We love the use of vibrant as well as dark colors, and think the title, offering a nod to spring, also provides a great summation of what it means to be a class!

Rain or Shine, We Grow Together!

  • Background: Divide the board in half, vertically, covering one side with black bulletin board paper and the other with light blue bulletin board paper. Cut a long strip of green bulletin board paper (measuring it to fit the length of the board), fring the top edge and arrange it along the bottom of the bulletin board.
  • Title: "Rain or Shine, We Grow Together!", "Rain or Shine, We Love _____________ [Kindergarten, Learning, Reading, etc.] All The Time!", etc.
  • Border: Complimentary solid colored trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Rainbow. Create the rainbow from scrunched sheets of bullletin board paper or art tissue paper. We suggest using a pencil to trace an outline of the desired shape and placement of the rainbow, making sure that the rainbow will cover the seam created by the intersection of the black and blue paper, then simply filling it in with the paper. 2) The Weather Elements. Cut a simple rain cloud from gray background paper as well as raindrops from blue construction paper. Add the elements to the black background. Cut a simple fluffy cloud from white bulletin board paper and a sun from yellow bulletin board paper. Add these elements to the light blue background. 3) The Flowers. The flowers will be added to both backgrounds. Freehand flowers and stems onto construction paper or find templates that can be traced and cut out. Arrange the blooms in the 'grass' on both sides of the board.

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