Racing Into Kindergarten! - Back-To-School Bulletin Board

Transportation and Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

From preschool and kindergarten to elementary and middle school, a transportation theme fits all age groups. Here's a simple, yet colorful back-to-school welcome board that is easy to create, but will still make a big impact.

Racing Into Kindergarten

  • Background: Blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Racing Into _____________ [Mrs. Nelson's Class, Kindergarten, etc]!"
  • Border: Racing themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Road. Cut a large triangle from black bulletin board paper, mounting it to the bottom of the bulletin board. Use white craft paint to add edge lines and yellow craft paint to create a dashed line in the center, making it appear as if the road is moving into the distance. 2) The Highway Sign. Cut a large rounded rectangle from green bulletin board paper. Use white craft paint to add an edge line. Use word processing software to create the interstate shield shape featuring your room number, printing it onto white card stock and adding it to the top of the highway sign. Finally, add your title and the date of the first day of school to the rest of the sign. Use bulletin board letters or paint it on with white craft paint. 3) The License Plates. Use word processing software to create a simple license plate template - we suggest using the free font, License Plate, over at FontSpace to add student names - and print the finished plates onto card stock in assorted colors. Arrange the cutouts around the board.