Put Your Best Foot Forward... - Back To School Shoe Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary Back To School Motivational Bulletin Board IdeaHelp your kiddos set goals for a successful school year with this awesome bulletin board idea we found at I Love That Teaching Idea {submitted by an Arizona homeschooler}. It's never too early to get your students involved in their own education, planning practical steps they can take for academic improvement.

Shoe Projects

Adding to the appeal of the board with some cutesy word play, have your students decorate a shoe and answer one {or all!} of the following prompts...

  • "I'm going to put my 'heart-n-sole' into..." ~ Have students list a subject/topic that they enjoy and look forward to studying.
  • "I'll put my 'best foot' forward by..." ~ Invite students to think of something that will set them up for success in their new learning environment. For example,
    • ...by coming to class prepared.
    • ...by being respectful of my teacher and my classmates
    • ...by being a good listener.
  • "From head to 'toe'...watch me GROW!" ~ Have your kiddos choose a subject/topic that, in past years has been challenging, and make a commitment to see growth/improvement by putting all these goals into practice.
  • "I'll keep my grades 'in step' by..." ~ Invite your students to list a practical step they can take to keep their grades up. For instance,
    • ...by turning homework in on time.
    • ...by writing all assignments, test dates, etc. in my planner so I don't forget anything.
    • ...by asking questions when I don't understand something.

[NOTE: At I Love That Teaching Idea, you can find shoe templates that already have these wonderful prompts listed on them so be sure to head over for the download!!]

Put Your Best Foot Forward Bulletin Board

  • Background: The above image shows white bulletin board paper, but you can certainly use another color of your choice!
  • Title: "Put Your Best Foot Forward...Goals for the new school year!" ~ Use traditional bulletin board letters or computer generated signs.
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmer or a back to school theme border.
  • Decoration: Have your students draw and decorate their own shoe, penning the prompt and their response on the side, or download the awesome templates from I Love That Teaching Idea to save some time. Arrange your kiddos' shoes around the bulletin board.

[NOTE: This could be a great activity to do at "Meet the Teacher Night". Parents will get to see what goals their children are setting and can help them stay accountable. Also, the board will then be fully decorated with student-created work for the first day of school! If you don't have time to complete this activity before the start of school, consider creating example shoes to place on the board so that it's not blank when your kiddos walk in!]

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