Part 1 - Luau Book Fair

Luau Themed Library and Classroom Bulletin Board Idea
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The talented ladies of Miami Lakes K-8 Center are at it again! This year they've chosen a luau theme for their book fair and were kind enough to send us a glimpse into their colorful world! {We're convinced every school need an Ibis, Celeste, and Erica - and can't wait to see how the rest of the displays turn out!}

Luau Themed Library and Bulletin Board Idea
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Book Fair Countdown

Nothing promotes excitement like a countdown calendar! Simple and vibrant, the crafty ladies at MLK-8 Center used a combination of store bought elements, handmade cutouts, and die cut shapes to create their luau themed countdown.

Say Aloha To Great Books!

  • Background: Cover the top two-thirds with light blue bulletin board paper. Cut a strip of natural butcher paper to fit the bottom third of the board, using scissors to create an uneven edge, and the combination of spray adhesive and sand to create a textured/sandy look. Mount to the bottom of the board.
  • Title: "Say Aloha To Great Books!"
  • Border: Celeste drew the long bamboo pieces by hand. You might also consider simply adding a complimentary solid color/patterned border or purchasing a bamboo border.
  • Decoration: Add beach elements! 1) Celeste, amazing artist that she is, created all of the main beach animals/elements - the surf board, beach chair, umbrella drink, pail and shovel, crab, starfish, and beach ball! Not only are the pieces unique, we love the vibrant colors and how the decorating trio added pieces of sandpaper under each beach element for extra texture and authenticity. 2) The seashells are real - added to the board in groups using a hot glue gun. 3) A line of flip flops and flower groupings reminiscent of Hawaii created with a die cut machine finish off this fabulous 'beachy' bulletin board!

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