Our Kiddos Are The Cream of The Crop! - Fall Bulletin Board

There's just something about using your students' photos and artwork to decorate a bulletin board! If you're looking for a fall themed bulletin board that can be put up at the beginning of the season and not taken down until Thanksgiving, here's another great option. Your kiddos will love the silliness (they're sure to giggle at seeing their smiling face on an ear of corn!) and the cutesy title is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Student Corn Crafts

It's pretty simple to create the accents. We downloaded a free corn coloring page over at HelloKids.com, printed the kernels and husk onto yellow and green paper (respectively), printed wallet sized photos of the kiddos, then cut out all the pieces and assembled. Easy peasy!

To use the crafts to create a bulletin board, we would use the following...

Our Kiddos Are The Cream of The Crop!

  • Background: Aqua bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Our Kiddos Are The Cream of The Crop!"
  • Border: Fall themed trimmer and/or complimentary patterned bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Corn Stalks. Use scraps of green bulletin board paper to create corn stalks. You'll need one long skinny piece to create the actual stalk and pieces measuring approximately 9" x 12" (the size of a piece of construction paper) with which to create the leaves. [NOTE: It makes a really cool 3D effect if you cut the leaves from the paper, attach one end to the "stalk" and bend/fold the top of the leaf down! Also, determine how many ears of corn you'll have per stalk - probably 3 or 4 - and use this to figure out how many stalks you'll need based on the number of students in your class.] 2) The Ears of Corn. Use the crafts! 3) The Fall Accents. Add fall accents to fill up any blank space - i.e. a scarecrow, crows, and other harvest themed elements. Either freehand the accents, find clip art images online to enlarge and trace using your classroom projector system, or purchase pre-made accents.