"Nuts About Fall!" Bulletin Board Idea

Fall Squirrel Themed Bulletin Board Idea

How cute is this squirrel themed fall bulletin board design created by early childhood teacher, Tara Werbowy!? We're always impressed by the hand created elements and these squirrels are just awesome!

Nuts About Fall!

  • Background: Cover the entire board with bright blue bulletin board paper and, along the bottom use fall wrapping paper or a strip of white bulletin board paper sponge painted with fall colors to create a colorful, leafy 'ground cover'!
  • Title: "Nuts About Fall!"
  • Border: The original design does not include a border, but if desired, you could add a complimentary colored trimmer or fall themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Squirrels. While you can certainly freehand the squirrel shapes, we recommend finding cute clip art online that can be enlarged using your classroom projector system, traced onto white paper, and colored in with craft paint. To add detailing and separate the colors, use a black permanent marker to trace over the squirrel cutouts once the paint is dry! 2) The Acorns & Leaves. While you can purchase accents, it's pretty simple to create your own acorns and leaves. Simply find black and white clip art images online that can be printed onto colored paper (brown for the acorns and assorted colors for the leaves) and cut out. If you have access to a personal cutting machine or a school die cut machine, these are also great ways to mass produce the simple fall cutouts!