New Beginnings In Spring! - Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Bulletin Board Idea

We've seen budding trees and flowers, fluffy chicks, bunnies, lambs, and eggs used to symbolize the new life/beginnings that comes with spring. This cutesy bulletin board design, created and submitted by early childhood teacher, Tara Werbowy, approaches this same theme with a new and fun perspective and features an adorable baby giraffe!

New Beginnings In Spring!

  • Background: Cover the board with light blue bulletin board paper. Cut a strip of green bulletin board paper and use scissors to fringe the top edge. Fit the piece across the bottom of the board to create 'grass'. [You could also 1) use shades of green craft paint to paint 'grass' onto white background paper and, when dried, cut it out and attach it to the board or 2) purchase a jumbo grass border.]
  • Title: "New Beginnings In Spring!"
  • Border: The original design does not feature a bulletin board, but you might consider a complimentary solid/patterned trimmer or spring themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Giraffe. If you're artistic, you might simply freehand the giraffe shape onto white bulletin board paper, use paint to color it in, then cut it out and attach it to the board when dried. If drawing isn't your specialty, we recommend finding a picture or clip art image of a baby giraffe online that you can enlarge and trace onto bulletin board paper. 2) The Butterflies. To add color to the board - and add to the theme of "new beginnings" - Tara arranged butterflies cut from colored paper all around the bulletin board. If you have a personal cutting machine or die cut machine at your school, this will be a lot simpler. However, you can also achieve the look by finding a butterfly template online, printing the butterfly shapes onto colored card stock, and cutting out the shapes by hand.

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