"Mirror Mirror..." - Back-To-School Bulletin Board Idea

Fairytale Theme and Back To School Bulletin Board Idea for Kindergarten and Elementary
Photo Source: www.sjoa.org/school/ehomerooms/transitional-k-ms-schroeder

We love this fairytale-inspired bulletin board design from kindergarten teachers, Ms. Schroeder and Mrs. Knoth, and think it would make a great addition to any early childhood learning environment! We think the fun rhyme is perfect and the cutesy student-created crafts offer your kiddos a chance to add a 'personal touch' to the classroom from the get-go, as well as take some of the decorating pressure off your shoulders!

"Mirror Mirror..." Back-To-School Display

  • Background: Green bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Look Who's In ___________ [Kindergarten, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Room 203, etc.] This Fall!"
  • Border: Complimentary patterned or solid color trimmer.
  • Decoration: Create hand mirror cutouts from construction paper in assorted colors using a handmade template or an image found online. Additionally, trace and cut an oval or circle (depends upon the shape of your mirror) from aluminum foil. Make sure the shape fits nicely inside the frame, creating the 'glass' of the hand mirror. To decorate, provide your kiddos with multicultural construction paper, crayons, yarn and other craft supplies. Invite them to draw/create a portrait of themselves to fit inside the cutout - e.g. cut a face shape from construction paper, add yarn to create hair, and draw on a face with the crayons. For a final touch, invite your students to print their name on the handle of the mirror cutout.