Meet the Team! - Baseball Themed 'Meet the Teachers' Bulletin Board Idea

Sports Themed Back to School Welcome Bulletin Board Idea
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Third grade teacher, Beth Sawyer, pulled out all the stops with this phenomenal back-to-school/'meet the teacher' bulletin board! Using some of the awesome resources provided by Beth Newingham at her class website, a 'baseball card' was designed for each teacher on the third grade team that included photos and important 'stats' like birth dates, favorite sports, favorite subjects, and so on! What a fantastic way to introduce students to their teachers while adding a bit of school spirit to the hallway {each teacher sports a school hat in the school colors}!

Baseball "Meet the Team" Bulletin Board

  • Background: The school colors at J.G. Hening Elementary are yellow and black {they are hornets after all!}. Beth covered the bulletin board with black background paper and used yellow accents to evoke school spirit. Consider doing the same with your own school colors!
  • Title: "Meet the 3rd Grade Team!, "This Year's Teaching Line-Up!", or another sports-themed title!
  • Border: Solid color border that matches school colors or sports themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: Display your baseball cards/posters and stat cards, add some sports paraphernalia like foam fingers, pom poms, bullhorns, and the like, and you've got yourself a fun, spirited bulletin board display that'll be a 'home run' with students and parents!

Supplies for this bulletin board...

Do you put together a 'meet the teachers' bulletin board each year? We'd love to hear about it! Be sure to leave us a comment below!