Making Things "Egg-Citing"! Back-to-School Bulletin Board Idea

Math and Science Back to School Classroom Management Bulletin Board
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While Mrs. Naylor created this board to go along with her second grade classroom's chick project, you can certainly use this fun and "egg-citing" theme for other subjects in your classroom. Use it as a way to keep track of things learned throughout a particular lesson or unit, help students stay informed by using it as a "classroom happenings" board, or even use it as a welcome board, adding pictures and student "data" to help your students get to know each other.

Egg Themed Bulletin Board

  • Background: Blue background paper.
  • Title: "Egg-Citing Things Are Hatching in _____________ (e.g. Second Grade, Preschool, Math, etc.)", "Egg-Citing Things Are Happening in (e.g. Second Grade, Our Classroom, etc.)", or "Get To Know Our Egg-Citing ______________ (e.g. Second Graders, Preschoolers, etc.)".
  • Border: Mrs. Naylor used strips of bulletin board paper to create a fun, layered, complimentary border. You could also use plain trimmers or an egg- or chicken-themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The eggs. Create a pattern, trace and cut egg shapes from sheets of white card stock. If creating a fact board, write a date at the top of each egg, staple to the board, and have your students help you fill in what they've learned each day. For a classroom happenings board, write events, dates, and times on each individual egg. If creating a welcome board, place a student's name at the top of each egg, add their picture from the previous school year, and create questions with blanks to be filled in by the student on the first day of class (e.g. "My favorite color is ________", "I have ___ siblings", "My favorite subject is _______", etc.). 2) The Extras. Mrs. Naylor added a joke "skillet" where the class got "all cracked up". This could be a great way of giving the students a "silly" break between particularly hard lessons. If you feel inclined to add extra themed elements, try adding straw beneath the eggs to act as a nest, create a barn/chicken coop, or even add a chicken to the bulletin board.

This board offers so much versatility. Do you have any boards that, with a quick change, could be used for something else entirely? We'd love to hear about them! Leave us a comment below!

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