Make The Days Count! - End of the Year Bulletin Board

End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Kari Siderio

Can you believe the end of the school year is almost upon us? We're sure you and your kiddos have been working hard and are looking forward to summer break! We found this colorful bulletin board design on Pinterest, created and shared by Kari Siderio, and thought it offered a lovely transition for the end of the year. Use it as a simple countdown or, perhaps, share daily goals with your kiddos to will help them stay focused/get the most out of the last days of school! Either way, it offers a great reminder to continue to do their best!

Make The Days Count!

  • Background: Light blue or apple green bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Make The Days Count!"
  • Border: Multi-colored trimmer or summer themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Cut a large half circle from yellow bulletin board paper, attaching the shape to the bottom of the bulletin board. Create the sun's rays; using strips cut from yellow and orange construction paper. Cut a strip for each day of school left and use a permanent marker to number them. You might also consider printing a classroom learning goal, special treat, end of the year activity (i.e. signing yearbooks, writing special notes to administrators/office staff), or even random acts of kindness for you and your kiddos to complete before the end of school!