Look What's Growing In Our Patch! - Fall Bulletin Board

Fall Bulletin Board IdeaMilly Cioe recently submitted her fantastic fall bulletin board design and we thought we'd pass it along in hopes that it might inspire your own fall classroom decor! Aren't the three-dimensional scarecrow and 'bale of hay' fantastic?!

Here's what she had to say about the design...

"This board is at the front entrance of our school - so it can be tough to come up with generic ideas for the board. This one took me a few hours to put up but I was very happy with the end result.

It was a little challenging to put Mr. Crow on Ms. Scarecrow, but it paid off. The crow was made of foam bought at the Dollar Store, so I poked two (2) small holes on his side and put push pins in them so I could attach it to the board. The scarecrow is actually a " front yard" scarecrow - I broke off half of the stick & taped the end off. I bought a small burlap bag at Michael's, cut off the handles, and put a rectangular foam block used for flower arrangements inside it. I stapled the ends then covered the outside of the bag with Elmer's glue. I then took a bag of raffia, threw it on and let it dry - & voila! - a miniature bale of hay! I then super glued [the bale of hay] to the scarecrow's stick to make it look like the scarecrow was [sitting] on it.

The fence and pumpkins are made from craft foam (super easy to cut out!) and the background paper is actually a roll of brown wrapping paper. The left over raffia I used behind the two small smiley ears of corn to make it look like a miniature corn stalk and I used [a fall leaf] garland for the top and bottom to emphasize the board."