Lion & Lamb Interactive March Bulletin Board Idea

March Spring Interactive Weather Bulletin Board Idea
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Interactive bulletin boards make great free play activities, supplements to unit lessons, and fantastic classroom decor. We found this idea at Preschool Playbook. Of course, it's still looks 'unfinished', but that's the beauty of the board - students will actually do all the work, completing the display as the month progresses and as they learn about the weather {and the legend of the lion and the lamb of course!}.

Fine Motor Skills {and Other Interactive Options!}

Trish {creator of the bulletin board} originally intended for the interactive display to help her students develop fine motor skills. Specifically, she hoped it would help them learn to tear paper - as skill she witnessed them struggling with. Of course, the board can be tailored to all skill levels and needs.

  • Have students practice scissor skills by cutting strips of paper for the lion's mane as well as small pieces of cotton batting {or construction paper} to decorate the lamb.
  • Use the board as a review/learning wall, providing strips of orange construction paper (lion) and thin cotton rounds (lamb) for students to print various facts they've learned, write questions, create drawings, etc. and place on the animal cutouts. Since this is not a traditional interactive board, provide incentives for participation.

March Interactive Bulletin Board

  • Background: Red bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "March...Comes In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb" - Trish used word processing software to create and print the title, but you can also use traditional bulletin board letters.
  • Border: Weather or spring themed bulletin board trimmer.
  • Decoration: Use your classroom projector system and a clip art print found online to create large animal cutouts - trace the lion onto yellow background paper and the lamb onto white background paper. Outline important detailing {eyes, ears, mouth, etc.} with markers and mount to the bulletin board. Trish decided not to, but you might consider adding an outline where the lion's mane should go {i.e. provide your students with a defined area to decorate}. Pen or print a sign at the bottom of each animal cutout - "please make my mane" under the lion and "please make me wooly" under the lamb - and mount an envelope of the appropriate decorating supplies under or next to each animal.

The concept of this board is great! We love the idea that the picture won't fully emerge until your kiddos jump in and get decorating! And, as with any board, you determine the style of the board, adding your own ideas, inspirations, and 'flavor' to the design :)