Lights, Camera, Action! - Red Carpet Themed Bulletin Board

Elementary Back to School Bulletin Board and Movie Set Classroom Theme
Photo Source: | Leah Edington

Leah Edington, educator and contributor to the idea sharing site for teachers, Izzyshare, created this fabulous movie set/theater inspired back-to-school bulletin board design to welcome her new "stars" to the classroom - we think it would be the perfect addition to a red carpet theme!

Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Background: Cover the entire bulletin board with black background paper. Cut three long strips of red bulletin board paper - attach a strip to each side of the board, as well as along the top, gathering and folding the paper to look like stage curtains. Finish the look with some strips of black bulletin board paper or construction paper made to look like curtain ties.
  • Title: "Lights, Camera, Action!"
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration:1) The Stage Lights. Use rolled up pieces of black construction paper or recycled paper towel rolls painted black to create the light fixtures. Cut strips of yellow cellophane, gluing them inside one end of each roll to create 'cones of light' or 'spotlights'. Mount them to the top corners of the board. To create the stage lights, cut two quarter-circles from yellow bulletin board paper and use scissors to cut zigzags along the rounded edge. Place one in each of the bottom corners of the board, just inside the curtains, to look like stage lights. [NOTE: You might also consider bunching up some yellow cellophane, attaching it to the lights, to create a textured/3D look.] 2) The Director's Clapboard. Start with a sheet of black construction paper. Cut a 4-inch wide strip of white construction paper and use a black marker (or strips of black construction paper) to create a sideways chevron pattern. Cut the strip in half, creating two 2-inch wide strips and separating the chevron pattern at the point. Fit one of the strips to the top of the black construction paper, it will remain stationary. Place the second strip on top of the first, allowing the bottom of the second strip to overlap the top of first strip a little bit. Use a brad, painted black, to fasten the strips together on the left side. This will allow the second strip to move, creating a 'functioning' director's clapboard! To complete the cutout, write or print the classroom details onto a piece of white paper and attach it to the clapboard {see below}...
    Elementary Movie Theater Classroom Theme and Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
    Photo Source: | Leah Edington
    Our only suggestion might be to change "Hollywood Production: Third Grade Stars" into a title that incorporates your school name - i.e. "A Uniontown Elementary Production: Third Grade Stars". 3) The Stars. Make or purchase yellow star cutouts, writing a student's name onto each and arranging them around the board!