Kindergarten Is A Hoot! - Fall Bulletin Board

Owl Themed Back To School and Fall Bulletin Board Idea
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We just love all the cute owl decorations we've been finding around the web! Here's an adorable and colorful design from Michelle over at Apples and ABC's. The hand-crafted owl accents {created by her students} are vibrant and unique. Since Michelle's original design was used at the end of the year, rather than the beginning, she paired the craft with student reflections about the year, specifically 11 memory journal entries.

If using this design at the beginning of the year, since owls have been commonly been thought to represent wisdom, you might have your new students draw upon their previous experience to write about one trait each student must possess in order to contribute in a successful learning environment.

Kindergarten Is A Hoot!

  • Background: Royal blue background paper.
  • Title: "______________ [Kindergarten, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Room 203, etc.] Is A Hoot!"
  • Border: Dots on chocolate bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Tree. Cut a trunk and branches from brown bulletin board paper, attaching it to the center of the bulletin board. Add leaves cut from various shades of green construction paper - you can choose to freehand the leaves or simply download a template, print, and cut. 2) The Owls. Use your kiddos' owl crafts! If you want to recreate the crafts from the original board, Michelle offers the template at her Teachers Pay Teachers site. Provide your students with colored card stock and have them assemble an accent for the board. As an alternative, you might also find a printable template online {like this one at Sunflower Storytime or this one from Classroom Compulsion} or purchase pre-made owl cutouts from your favorite teacher store!