I've Got A Poem In My Pocket! - National Poetry Month Bulletin Board

National Poetry Month Bulletin Board Idea

April is National Poetry Month, but did you know that April 26th is 'Poem in Your Pocket Day'? Perfect for all month long, this bulletin board design provides a fun and colorful way to introduce your favorite poems to your kiddos...or to invite your students to find and share their favorite poem with the class! 

I've Got A Poem In My Pocket Bulletin Board

  • Background: Light purple bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "I've Got A Poem In My Pocket!"
  • Border: Colorful patterned border.
  • Decoration: Draw and cut a large pocket cutout from yellow bulletin board paper, using a black marker to add detailing as desired. Create a pocket template {or use ours, available for download below!},  printing the design onto colored card stock, cutting out the shapes, and arranging them around the board. [NOTE: Don't adhere the entire cutout to the board. Leave the top of each 'pocket' open - creating a pocket!] Print your favorite poems - or those that go with your lesson plans - onto card stock paper and stuff each pocket with a different poem. If you desire, script the name of each poem on the outside of the pocket.

You might also consider...

As an alternative, invite your students to pick their favorite poem, illustrating each line and stuffing the pocket with the pictures. Then, each day of the month, have a different student share their poem with the class. The visual aids will help them in the retelling!