Growing Students with Deep Roots! - Back-To-School Fall Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Fall and Spring Inspirational Bulletin Board Idea
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How gorgeous is this tree?! Searching for fall themed bulletin boards, we stumbled across this display created by Brenda over at It's a Creative Journey and were excited to pass it along! Here's what we love about it... First, the display can grow and change with the seasons {i.e. the bulletin board can be left up throughout the year if desired!} and second, each tree branch features one of the school's core values creating a positive reminder for students and parents throughout the entire year!

Seasonal changes...

If you decide to leave the display up throughout the year, you can have fun updating it for each of the seasons!

  • Colored leaves and acorns for fall
  • Cotton batting 'snow' for winter
  • Colorful blossoms or birds/bird houses for spring
  • Green foliage for summer

Growing Students with Deep Roots

  • Background: Cover the top two thirds of the board with light blue bulletin board paper and the bottom third with green paper shaped to look like grass.
  • Title: "Growing Students with Deep Roots!"
  • Border: Complimentary patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: Draw or trace a large tree shape either directly onto the bulletin board, using black and purple craft paint to fill it in, or onto black bulletin board paper to cut out and attach to the board. Use letter stickers or white craft paint to add your own classroom values to the tree branches and then decorate the tree with seasonal accents!