Get Your Super Powers Ready!... - Superhero Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Summer or Back To School Superhero Themed Bulletin Board Idea
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How amazing is this superhero bulletin board created by Meghan over at Busy Crafting Mommy ?! The capes are fabulous, we especially love how she incorporated the library initials into the symbol, and the colors are super dynamic!

Get Your Super Powers Ready!

  • Background: Dark blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Get Your Super Powers Ready! Your ___________ [Summer Reading, Kindergarten, etc.] Mission Begins ___________!" - We love how Meghan highlighted some of the words with red starburst shapes, reminiscent of comic books!
  • Border: Yellow wavy border.
  • Decoration: Staple colorful pieces of fabric to the bulletin board, draping and folding them to look like capes. Add a paper symbol to each cape. Meghan used the initials of the library, but you could also use the classroom number, your initials, or the initials of the class 'nickname' {i.e. Mrs. Nelson's Explorers, MNE}. Finally, use these superhero mask templates from First Palette - or others found online - and colored construction paper to create a colorful mask to go with each cape, as well as a pair of superhero boots!

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