First Grade Pizzeria! - Back-To-School Bulletin Board Idea

Kindergarten and Elementary Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
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This pizzeria-style back-to-school bulletin board created by Stephanie of Mrs. Butterfield's First Grade and a fellow first grade teacher is simply magnifico! Totally unique and super fun, we can almost smell the cheese and pepperoni... If this is just the appetizer, we know it's going to be a 'delicious' school year for these first graders!

Mini Chefs

One of the things that makes this board so much fun is the personalization. Open House/'Meet the Teacher' night must have been a blast! Using fun props for a 'mini chef' photo shoot with the kiddos, these crafty first grade teachers invited each of their new students to don a white chef's hat, hold up a mustache cutout, and pose for the camera. Once the photos were developed and printed, they cut around the outline of each student, mounted the newly cut photos onto black construction paper, and cut them out again, creating custom bulletin board accents! There's no such thing as 'too many cooks in the classroom', it takes everyone to create a successful pizza pie school year!

First Grade Pizzeria

  • Background: Red and white checkered tablecloth {reminiscent of an Italian eatery} or red bulletin board paper!
  • Title: "__________ [First Grade, Mrs. Nelson's, Welcome to the, etc.] Pizzeria! Come on in for a great year!"
  • Border: The original design features black curtains created using pieces of fabric and tied back with string. You might also simply add a complimentary colored bulletin board border. [NOTE: If working with a simple red background, you might use a red and white checkered border to tie the theme together.]
  • Decoration: 1) The Pizza(s). Cut a large circle from aluminum foil to create the pizza pan. From brown butcher paper, cut a second circle just slightly larger than the aluminum 'pan'. Fold the edges of the brown circle inward to resemble the edge of a pizza crust and add a smaller circle cut from red bulletin board paper to the middle creating 'sauce'. Use your paper shredder to shred ivory craft paper or purchase crinkle cut shredded zig zag paper {the kind used in gift baskets}, first covering the red circle with glue then sprinkling the shredded paper over top to look like cheese. Cut 'pepperonis' from red construction paper, using a black marker to print student names onto each, and arrange atop the 'cheese'. Mount the finished 'pizza' to the bulletin board! 2) The Menu. Mount a piece of white poster board to a sheet of 12" x 18" colored construction paper. You'll want to cut it down to size leaving a colored border. Script the title "Daily Specials" at the top of the poster board, pen the various subjects/topics you'll cover each day, and decorate the menu with restaurant themed clip art. [NOTE: As an alternative, you might try making a chalkboard menu. Purchase some chalkboard contact paper, add a fun construction paper border, and write the 'Specials' using chalkboard marker pens!] 3) The Chefs. To tie everything together, add several chef hat props and the pictures of your kiddos to the board!