Fall Themed Classroom Management Bulletin Board Idea

Have an event board, classroom news/command center, or even an anchor chart display that you need to decorate for fall? We thought this board, created by the teachers at McKinley Early Childhood Center, was well put together! We love how the colors really pop!

Fall Themed Classroom Management Board

  • Background: Cover the top one-third of the bulletin board with bright blue background paper and the bottom two-thirds with green background paper.
  • Title: Will change based on the designated use of the board!
  • Border: Fall themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: The goal is to keep the center of your board open so that you can display notes, notices, event signs, anchor charts, etc. Thus, most of your decorations should be kept to the sides and bottom of the board. The tree/leaves creates a 'bracket of decoration' on one side of the board and the pumpkin patch and apple basket creates a bracket on the other side. 1) The Tree. Create a simple tree trunk and branches from brown bulletin board paper, attaching the cutout along one side of the board. 2) The Pile of Leaves & Rake. Purchase leaf cutouts/silk leaves or use your school's die cut machine (or even a personal cutting machine if you have one!) to cut leaf accents from construction paper in fall colors - i.e. yellow, orange, red, and brown. In a pinch you could even find a leaf coloring page, printing, coloring and cutting out each leaf by hand, but that would certainly be time consuming and we don't recommend that approach! Arrange the cutouts around the board, but place most of your cutouts in a 'pile' at the base of the tree. Add a rake cutout created with paper - a long strip of brown bulletin board paper for the handle, a black trapezoid 'connector', and a large fringed green trapezoid to create the tines of the rake. 3) The Pumpkin Patch. Cut a rectangle from brown bulletin board paper, attaching it in the 'grass' along the side of the board. Use orange and green construction paper to create pumpkin accents, placing them in the 'soil', and using a green curling ribbon 'vine' to connect them all. [NOTE: You could also use twisted sections of green bulletin board paper, tissue paper, etc. A small scarecrow cutout at the edge of the patch adds a fun fall touch! If you're feeling crafty, use paper or felt to create the cutout from scratch. You could also find a scarecrow coloring page! 4) The Basket of Apples. Find a clip art image of a basket to enlarge and trace onto a piece of brown bulletin board paper. For the apples, like with the leaves, we recommend purchasing accents or using a die cut/personal cutting machine and construction paper in yellow, green, and red to create all of the accents.

Overall, we think this board has a lot of potential!