Dropping In On Preschool! - Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Umbrella Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Perfect for spring, this fun bulletin board - created with the help of the preschoolers of All About Children childcare center - features colorful shape umbrellas and cutesy title!

Dropping In On Preschool!

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Dropping In On Preschool!"
  • Border:Spring themed bulletin board border or complimentary solid color/patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: All you'll need to create the bulletin board elements is an umbrella template (we found one over at Squish Preschool Ideas that would work great!), construction paper in assorted colors, scissors, glue, and some willing students! Simply invite your kiddos to trace and cut out an umbrella shape, then draw and cut out various shapes for decorating it! Easy peasy! [NOTE: When working with the younger crowd, you might consider having shapes precut or templates for them to trace!] Add the finished umbrellas to the board then, to complete the design, cut out and arrange raindrop shapes in the empty spaces!

Finished Shape Umbrella Kids Craft