Dr. Seuss Inspired Behavior Management Bulletin Board Idea

Dr. Seuss Elementary Classroom Managment Bulletin Board IdeaWe were inspired by a fantastic behavior management bulletin board we found at kindergarten blog, Always A Silver Lining, and think this quirky idea is perfect for the early childhood classroom! Kay, kindergarten teacher and creator of the blog, wanted to bring a bit of color and whimsy to her classroom so she decided to use the works of the popular children's author, Dr. Seuss, to inspire her designs. We especially loved the sketch she posted of this Cat in the Hat themed behavior management bulletin board and had to share!

Cat in the Hat Behavior Board

  • Background: Apple green bulletin board paper. [NOTE: If this feels too "Christmas-y" for you, try a light blue background paper instead!]
  • Title: "CATch Us Behaving!" - Try downloading the font "Grinched" online, print letter outlines onto red construction paper, and cut out in order to make your own themed lettering!
  • Border: Solid complimentary color trimmer {probably black} or a Dr. Seuss themed border.
  • Decoration: Find a black and white Cat in the Hat clip art image or coloring page, printing it onto white card stocking, cutting it out, and laminating the cutout. You'll need one for each student. Using the same image, crop out the sections you need {i.e. the bow and the three stripes}, paste them all into one document, and print them onto red construction paper. Cut them out and laminate them. Place half of a Velcro dot onto the back of each stripe and bow, attaching the other half to the appropriate spots on the Cat in the Hat cutouts. Mount the cutouts to the bulletin board, along with a name card scripted or printed with each students' name underneath. [NOTE: We created name cards using the font "Grinched" and red construction paper.] Add an envelope to the side of the board to hold extra stripes/stripes that are removed during the day. Create a second envelope to hold the bows used to denote exceptional behavior, or mount them around the edges of the bulletin board as a "border" of sorts.

Supplies for this bulletin board...

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We were super excited to find a photo on Kay's Flickr profile of her bulletin board in progress! While we used Cat in the Hat clip art, she created all of her cutouts by hand. We just LOVE when there are options! Here's a peek...

Dr Seuss Elementary Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: www.flickr.com/photos/alwaysasilverliningblog

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