Diving Into Kinder! - Ocean Themed Back-To-School Bulletin Board Idea

Ocean Themed Back To School Bulletin Board
Photo Source: Michelle Griffo

How cute is this ocean themed welcome board designed by Michelle Griffo of Apples and ABC's? Colorful student-created submarines make up most of the board, but the boat hull and anchor cutouts cleverly connected by links and the seaweed/rock cutouts add a fun under-the-sea touch!

Diving Into Kinder!

  • Background: Aqua bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Diving Into Kinder!"
  • Border: Ocean themed trimmer or complimentary patterned bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Boat. Cut a large half circle from brown bulletin board paper, using brown marker to create a board texture and nail head detail, and attach the flat part of the half circle along the top of the bulletin board. Find an anchor template - we like this one - to enlarge and print or trace onto black construction paper. For a fun twist, connect the two shapes using learning links like Michelle did! 2) The Submarines. Provide your kiddos with submarine templates printed onto colored card stock or construction paper, inviting them to cut and assemble the pieces. We suggest finding a coloring page online that can be adapted into a template or checking out Michelle's craftivity packet at her TpT store! 3) The Underwater Accents. Cut boulder/rock shapes from gray, light brown, and tan construction paper, using them to create a 'shelf' along one side and the 'ocean floor' along the bottom of the board. For visual interest, create seaweed cutouts from green construction paper, arranging them at random on the shelf/floor.