Debug Your Brain...Read! - Spring Library Bulletin Board Idea


Spring Library Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Deepika Arora

Deepika Arora, one of our talented Facebook fans, recently sent in this awesome display she created for her library. A fabulous addition to your spring decor plans, this is not only a great media center bulletin board idea, but would also fit in the classroom!

Debug Your Brain...Read!

  • Background: Cover the top two-thirds of the board with light blue bulletin board paper. For the bottom third, cut a strip of green bulletin board paper, using scissors to shape the top edge to look like grass.
  • Title: "Debug Your Brain...Read!"
  • Border: Spring themed trimmer or a complimentary red bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Ladybugs. Cut large half circles from red bulletin board paper to create the ladybug bodies and smaller circles from black bulletin board paper to create the ladybug heads. Use construction paper to create the rest of the detailing - the spots, the feet, and the face - and twist chenille stems together, attaching them to the ladybug heads to create the antennae. The smaller ladybugs can be created the same way using construction paper. 2) The Flowers. We love the 3D effect! To recreate the flowers, cut long 'stems' from brown construction paper, sunflower petal shapes from yellow construction paper, and circular flower centers from brown construction paper. Attach the petals to the center, curling the petals to give dimension, then attach the flower shapes, complete with stems, to the bulletin board.