Cookin' Up Something Good! - Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

Summer Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

This welcome/back to school bulletin board display brings a bit of summer to the classroom with a fun cook-out theme! Best of all, it provides a super fun craft activity to kick off the first week of school!

Hand Print Burgers and Fries

Summer Back To School Bulletin Board

Invite students to pick a partner {or create pairs beforehand}, having them help each other paint their fingers/palm with the following colors [See picture above]:

  • Thumb/pinky finger = tan
  • Pointer finger = green
  • Middle finger = red
  • Ring finger = brown

[NOTE: The picture and sample craft was made using an adult hand. For a child-size print, be sure to paint the entire fingers as well.]

Back To School Summer Theme Bulletin Board Idea

Have students carefully place their painted hand off to one side on the paper plate, press it to the paper, and carefully peel it away to reveal a print.

Back To School Summer Theme Bulletin Board Idea

After washing their hand, have your kiddos dip the length of their pointer finger into a shallow dish of yellow paint, pressing it to the plate to create a print (on the opposite side of their hand print). Have them complete this process several times, dipping their finger in the paint when needed. Set the paper plate aside to dry.

Summer Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

Once dry, invite your students to use a black marker to add the detailing to their hand print burger and finger print french fries - the bun, burger patty, tomato, lettuce, and "crinkle" of the crinkle fries!

Back To School Summer Theme Bulletin Board

Cookin' Up Something Good!

  • Background: White bulletin board paper or a red checkered plastic "cook-out" table cloth.
  • Title: "_______________ [Kindergarten's, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Room 203 Is, etc] Cookin' Up Something Good!
  • Border: Complimentary solid red trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Grill. Draw or trace a large half circle onto a piece of black bulletin board paper. [Optional: Add "dimension" to the grill by adding a flat/skinny gray oval to the top.] Cut three long strips of black paper to create the grill "legs", adding "wheels" to two of the legs. 2) The Plates of Food. Use your kiddos' crafts!

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