Community Building Classroom "Norms" - Back-To-School Wall Display

Back To School Classroom Management Bulletin Board Idea with Free Printables
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We absolutely love these posters created by Krissy Venosdale of Venspired Learning. Stepping away from rules and creating classroom "norms" puts the focus back on the most important thing in your classroom - your students! We love the positive feel, the vibrant colors, and the fact that Krissy invites her students to participate in creating the classroom norms.

Want to know the best part? Krissy offers these poster prints for FREE over on Flickr. They're sized at 12x18 - perfect poster size - and all you have to do is download and print at your local Kinko's, Office Max, etc!

This isn't the only idea we've come across at Venspired Learning that we love! Krissy is uber-talented and we highly recommend that you take time to check out all the fun printables and projects she has going on!

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