Bee' An Environmental Friend Bulletin Board Idea

Environmental Bulletin Board for Spring
Contest Submission

Protecting the environment is an important concept to cover with elementary students! How much of an impact we have on the environment in our daily lives is often overlooked. So bring the issue to the forefront with a clever and cheerful bulletin board display. This idea was recently submitted for a bulletin board contest we ran and it's perfect for Earth day, a series on the environment, or just to add a colorful Springtime display to your board.

'Bee' An Environmental Friend

  • Background: Blue bulletin board paper
  • Title: "'Bee' An Environmental Friend"
  • Border: Spring-themed border (for top and two sides)
  • Decoration: 1) Grass - Cut a strip of green bulletin board paper the length of the board. Then cut the top half into strips and curl out for a lifelike effect. 2) Tree - Cut a tree trunk from brown bulletin board paper and complete with leaves (create your own by using green construction paper, accents, or by finding lifelike leaves at a craft store). 3) Sun - Create the sun from yellow construction paper (face optional). 4) Flowers - Create the stems and leaves from green construction paper. The petals of each flower should be a different color. Cut strips for the petals and fold them over to create the loop (3 per flower); staple three strips together. Glue a white or light yellow circle to the center of each. 5) Bees - add bee accents to tie into the clever title.

We especially liked this idea's play on the word 'bee'! Super cute and sure to brighten someone's day!