Beautiful Earth Day Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

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We found this great Earth Day bulletin board at Preschools 4 All. Featuring land, sea, sky, and space {in vibrant detail!} and ways in which we can help preserve our Earth, this colorful display is perfect for any early childhood classroom.

Collaborative Earth Cutout

Create a large circle cutout from white bulletin board paper, dividing it into four equal parts. Leaving one of the four parts white, cover the the other sections with pieces of colored bulletin board paper {cut to fit the right measurements} - black, green, and metallic blue. Have your students help you create each section:

  • White/Sky. Have your students create colorful birds from construction paper and craft feathers and fashion clouds from cotton balls or batting.
  • Black/Space. Invite your kiddos to use aluminum foil, glitter/glue, sequins, and sheets of colored foam to create planets, moons, and stars.
  • Metallic Blue/Ocean. With construction paper and art tissue paper in assorted colors, sand/glue, and aquarium rocks/pebbles, have your students create the ocean floor and sea creatures {octopi, fish, jellyfish, seaweed, starfish, crabs, etc.}.
  • Green/Land. Have your students use colorful baking cups, construction paper, silk flowers, and tissue paper to create a garden and garden creatures {ladybugs, caterpillars, bees, etc.}.

Earth Day Bulletin Board

  • Background: The original creator alternated pieces of green, white, and blue construction paper - adding in white construction paper "frames". You might also consider using plain light blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Earth Day".
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmer, Earth bulletin board border, or a handmade border of recycled materials {like this one from our previous post!}.
  • Decoration: 1) The Earth. Place cotton batting behind your students' collaborative Earth project to create visual interest and dimension. 2) The Facts. On 5" x 7" pieces of cardstock, have your students draw pictures of ways in which they can help save the earth {including topics like conservation, recycling, etc.}. Mount these to pieces of colored construction paper, add a colorful label describing the actions/tip in the drawing, and place them around the Earth cutout.