Backstage Helpers! - Rock Star Themed Classroom

Rock Star Themed Classroom Helpers Bulletin Board IdeaCan you tell we're really excited about the rock star theme!? After today, we have one more idea to share (related to classroom management as well as classroom decorating) and then we'll move on - we promise! How cute is this classroom helper board though? It's all in the mix of fun, colorful prints and customized elements...

Custom Job Signs

Are you as crazy about chevron as we are? Using aqua, hot pink, lime green, and black chevron digital paper, we added simple elements to create custom job signs - specifically we chose a fun doodle border, instrument silhouettes, and a cutesy font to complete the signs. Easy peasy!

Rock Star Themed Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

Custom VIP Passes

Along with the job signs, we created custom VIP badges to use as name labels (and, of course, throughout your rock star classroom)! Again, all you need are some colorful prints, cutesy fonts, and free clip art and creating your own passes is a snap!

Backstage Helpers

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Backstage Helpers!"
  • Border: Rock star themed border or colorful patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: Print your custom job signs onto thick card stock, laminating them for wear and tear, and arrange the signs around the bulletin board. The, print your VIP passes onto card stock - we recommend finding printable name badge inserts at your local office supply store - and place them in plastic name badge holders for authenticity. Use these to assign jobs for the week/month (and, of course, print extra sets to use in other fun classroom activities!). There's already a lot going on and you don't want to clutter the board, so finish off the design with a few well-placed star cutouts to go along with the rock star theme!