April Showers Bring...MUD! - Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Kindergarten Poetry Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: mrsgoffskinders.blogspot.com

We thought this bulletin board submission from Lyn Goff of Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales was just perfect for the season! If you're taking down your Easter decorations, consider adding this fun activity and display to your spring lesson plans/decor...

Mud Activity & Poem

We know Lyn's kiddos had to be beside themselves with glee when they realized the were actually going to be making and playing with mud! What a fun sensory experience - all you need is a little water and dirt! I'm sure the activity prompted some fabulous descriptions when Lyn invited her students to brainstorm a list of adjectives to describe the mud. 

After brainstorming a list of adjectives, Lyn had her kiddos use their favorites to create a poem. They used the words {i.e. smooshy, brown, wet, etc.} to fill in the blanks...

Mud, mud, I like mud. __________ mud, __________ mud, __________, __________, __________ mud. I like mud!

As a finishing touch, they drew a picture of themselves playing in the mud, mounted the illustrated poems onto brown construction paper and used them to decorate the bulletin board!

April Showers Bring...MUD

  • Background: Cover the top two-thirds of the board with sky blue bulletin board paper, adding green background paper to the bottom third (fringed at the top to look like grass).
  • Title: "April Showers Bring...MUD!"
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmer or colorful patterned border.
  • Decoration: Cut large clouds from white bulletin board paper, adding these to the top of the board, and carry on the "April showers" theme with rain drops cut from light blue construction paper. Using brown bulletin board paper, create a "mud puddle" cutout to place in the grass. Decorate the rest of the bulletin board with your kiddos' illustrated mud poems!

[NOTE: Lyn added on to the mud theme in a cute way using a Shel Silverstein poem. She had her kiddos create "muddy footprints", arranging them so that they led from the mud poems to a bathtub cutout, added photos of her students to the tub and printed this poem on the side...

There are too many kids in this tub. There are too many elbows to scrub. I just washed a knee, Whose could it be? There are too many kids in this tub. --Shel Silverstein

Isn't that a cute extension? If you have space, we think it's a fun way to incorporate more poetry into your exploration of mud!]