A Colorful Back-To-School Welcome Wall & Door Display!

Contest Submission

Cute, colorful, and eye-catching, this vibrant display created by Mrs. Kacey combines a very traditional early childhood theme (i.e. crayons/colors) with more modern patterns and three-dimensional elements to create a simple, yet welcoming classroom entrance for her littles! We're so excited she submitted this board in one of our contests because we know it's sure to inspire!

Welcome To A Colorful Year!

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Mrs. Kacey simply entitled the display "First Grade", using word processing software, neon card stock, and a block font to create large letters. You could also use smaller multi-colored bulletin board letters to include a title like, "Welcome To A Colorful Year!", etc.
  • Border: Black and white border with modern pattern - i.e. zebra, chevron, moroccan, etc.
  • Decoration: 1)The Name Bubbles. Print student names onto white card stock using a simple font, add unique cloud bubbles around the names using a black permanent marker, then accent the bubbles with different colors using highlighters. When finished, cut out the name bubbles, laminating them to reduce wear and tear, and arrange them around the door. Add simple crayon accents around the name bubbles for extra color. 2) The Tissue Paper Pom Poms. How fun are the puffs accenting the top of the bulletin board!? To create your own all you need is some brightly colored tissue paper and a paper flower tutorial (easily found online)! We love the use of different colors, with black and white pom poms creating 'bookends' for the design, as well as the use of different size puffs to add visual interest!

While simple, this bulletin board certainly packs a visual punch! Not to mention we love the black/white + bright colors classroom theme. You can do so much with it!