"When We Learn We Grow!" Bulletin Board Idea

Motivational Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Inspire your students and get them excited about learning this Spring and Summer with a colorful flower-themed bulletin board! We love this idea that was submitted for one of our bulletin board contests and had to share.

"When We Learn We Grow!"

  • Background: Blue corrugated bulletin board paper (regular bulletin paper would work fine too!)
  • Title: "When We Learn We Grow!"
  • Border: No border is necessary
  • Decoration: 1) The Grass - cut two lengths of green bulletin board paper to different heights and long enough to stretch across the length of your board. Cut strips into both pieces and 'curl' out to look like grass. 2) The Sun - use yellow and orange construction paper to create a sun for the upper right corner of the board. 3) The Flowers - use different color construction paper to create four flowers (cut different shaped petals to add interest). Attach the flowers to the board only in the center so you can bend and curl the petals outwards to create a super cool 3-D effect! To finish them, fashion the stems from brown construction paper and add the following subjects, one for the center of each flower: Social Studies, Math, Science, Language Arts.