"What Plants Need" Bulletin Board Idea for Spring

Spring Plants Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Dragonflies in First

How stinkin' cute is this bulletin board idea featured by Traci over at Dragonflies in First?!? We love that the idea is not only super cute, it also gives your kiddos a chance to participate with a sunflower craftivity!

Sunflower Craftivity

Create sunflowers with your class with construction paper, sunflower seeds and a bit of glue. Each student will need a yellow flower, an orange circle for the middle, two green leaves, a green stem and a yellow root. Depending on the age of your students, you can provide templates for them to use to cut themselves, or you may want to have this part already done for them. Traci provides the blackline masters you will need in her TPT store (complete with writing lines to copy right onto construction paper). Or you could always find a sunflower clipart online if you prefer.

Once your students have cut out the pieces and glued them together to create the sunflower, have them write the purpose of each part of the flower directly onto the piece (Ex: The roots collect water and nutrients). Then attach yellow Easter grass to the bottom of the root and actual sunflower seeds to the middle of the flower to complete the plant. So lifelike!

Sunflower Craft for Spring
Photo Source: Dragonflies in First

"What Plants Need"

  • Background: Blue bulletin board paper for the sky and green for the grass (you could use a sky blue if you prefer a more realistic look).
  • Title: "What Plants Need"
  • Border: A spring-themed border
  • Decoration: Line the grass with your student's completed sunflower craftivities. Then, create each part of the plant out of construction paper in a larger size (a green leaf, a yellow root, etc) along with it's name written on white paper to stand out. Next, use white 'speech bubbles' to write out the purpose of each part of the plant (and don't forget a yellow sun and dark blue rain drop - very important for making food!). Place your larger creations across the top of the board just above the sunflowers and underneath the title.