We're A Colorful Bunch! - Monkey Themed Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: trend-display-contest.blogspot.com

We love this fun, colorful back to school bulletin board idea submitted to Spotlight on TREND retailers! The vibrant cutouts, three-dimensional border, and fun message make it a great addition to any early childhood learning environment! You might even consider adapting the design to feature your "colorful" students too...

Kindergarten and Elementary Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

...check out these cute frames that would be perfect for displaying your students' photos. Intersperse the frames with these colorful monkey accents and you'll keep the original theme!

We're A Colorful Bunch Bulletin Board

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We're A Colorful Bunch!"
  • Border: Colorful pattern border. We love how the creator of the bulletin board created a three-dimensional "wavy" look!
  • Decoration: The original design featured TREND's Color Monkeys mini bulletin board set, but as we suggested above, if you want to make the bulletin board more personal, consider adding colorful frames in which to place your students' pictures and smaller accents!

Supplies for this bulletin board...

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