Welcome to the Team! - Back to School Football Door Decoration

Hartville Elementary SchoolSeveral weeks ago, I had the extreme privilege of visiting my childhood elementary school to check out the newest and best in classroom decorations! Despite their busy schedules - meetings and last minute preparations before school started the next day - the gracious teachers at Hartville Elementary welcomed me into their colorful and engaging world; a world in which they will spend countless hours the next 180 days, imp!acting the lives of the children in our community. I thank you all for dedicating your lives to helping our children grow, both as students and individuals. Here's to a brilliant school year, ladies and gents! {And thanks a million for allowing me the opportunity to visit your classrooms! I had a blast!}

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Elementary Sports Bulletin Board Door Display
Photo Source: Lee Knepp

Next stop in the fabulous line of third grade rooms is the classroom of Lee Knepp. He joked that decorating wasn't his thing, but we think he did a tremendous job creating an environment that promotes learning and enthusiasm! We love the sports theme and the other little details that show Lee's personality - starting with the awesome door display!

Football Door Display

  • Background: Lee covered the center of the door with a  rectangle of green indoor/outdoor grass turf. You could also use green bulletin board paper. Use thin strips of background paper or thin white electrical tape to create "yard lines" on the "field".
  • Title: "Mr. Lee's Team!", "Welcome to the Team!", "All Star Line-Up!", etc.
  • Border: Sports themed border or cutouts of your school mascot. {Hartville Elementary's colors are red and blue, and their official 'mascot' is the blue streak. Lee capitalized on this with his fantastic cutout border!}
  • Decoration: To go with the football field and mascot border, create a football cutout on which to script the display's title. Either purchase an accent or create your own - drawing the shape by hand or finding a clip art image to enlarge and trace.

Supplies for this bulletin board...

Stay tuned - we'll continue the tour of Mr. Knepp's awesome classroom tomorrow! And, as always, we love to hear your thoughts, so leave us a comment below!