We All Have Different Strengths... - Superhero Writing Display

Back To School Superhero Writing Bulletin Board Idea Not only will this superhero themed board provide color for your classroom walls, it also offers a great opportunity for your new students assess their strengths and weaknesses, celebrate their differences, and build upon learned writing skills. Not to mention, when done at the beginning of the school year, it's a great way for you to assess where your students are as writers! Paired with the superhero craftivity, we know your students will have a blast with this activity!

A closer look at the writing prompt...

Superhero Writing Prompt and Bulletin Board Idea

Just like superheroes, we all have different strengths! As you head into the new school year, invite your new students to assess what they bring to the classroom community - their strengths and weaknesses - and write about one of their strengths. We created a simple writing prompt for students to fill in, then suggest attaching the prompts to colorful background paper before arranging on the bulletin board.

Superhero Bulletin Board Accents
Photo Source: mrspancake.com

Additionally, we found these awesome downloadable superhero doodads over at Mrs. Pancake that students can use to 'superhero-ize' themselves - i.e. add a photo of themselves to a superhero body to make themselves into a superhero! These make fun additions to the writing prompts and bulletin board!

We All Have Different Strengths...

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We All Have Different Strengths..." - We used Fontry's free Avengeance font from FontSpace to create custom lettering for the display.
  • Border: Complimentary patterned bulletin board borders. [We love the use of yellow and red patterned borders to create a layered look!]
  • Decoration: Use your students writing prompts and superheros! [Note: If you don't want to mess with photos, invite your students to create their own superhero logo from colored paper and shape/letter templates.] For extra interest, we added the Captain America logo to the corners of the bulletin board. Simply find and download the logo from the internet, resize the image to meet your needs, print the image onto white card stock, then cut, laminate, and add to the board!

We All Have Different Strengths... - Superhero Writing Display

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